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Which domain?

Genealogists, embarking on the creation of their website, should give careful consideration to selecting a domain that effectively represents their work and appeals to their target audience. The choice of a domain is not only a web address; it’s a key aspect of branding and online presence. Here are some tips for genealogists when choosing a domain for their website:

  1. Relevance and Clarity:
    The domain should clearly reflect the nature of genealogical research.
    Users should be able to identify immediately that the website is a valuable resource for genealogy information.
  2. Simplicity and Memorability:
    Aim for a domain that is easy to remember and type.
    Avoid complex spellings, special characters, or lengthy terms that might confuse users.
  3. Incorporate Surnames or Themes:
    If feasible, consider including a surname or another relevant term in the domain.
    This not only enhances the website’s identity but also aids search engine visibility.
  4. Avoid Abbreviations:
    Unless using widely recognized and understood abbreviations, it’s generally advisable to steer clear of them.
    Clear, spelled-out terms are often more user-friendly.
  5. Check Domain Availability:
    Verify that your desired domain is available for registration.
    It’s also helpful to explore alternative domain names if your first choice is already taken.
  6. Avoid Trademark Violations:
    Be cautious about using names that might infringe on trademarks of well-known companies or organizations. This could lead to legal complications.
  7. Consider Regional Focus:
    If your genealogical research is specific to a particular region or country, consider incorporating this into the domain.
    For instance, “” for German ancestry research.
  8. Long-Term Considerations:
    Think about the longevity of your chosen domain.
    Opt for a name that not only suits your current focus but will also remain relevant in the future.

For instance, a genealogist might choose a domain like “” or “” Ultimately, the selected domain should effectively encapsulate the personality, focus, and goals of the genealogical research, contributing to a strong online presence and brand identity.

To select the top level domain, please read this article.