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Bridge between WordPress and TNG

To integrate TNG into WordPress, a plugin was developed and made available through the WordPress plugin management.

However, it is no longer recommended!

  • There are difficulties with supporting PHP 8 and higher.
  • Some of the planned features, such as a shared user management, had to be discontinued by the programmer.
  • Since WordPress version 6.3, the plugin does not work anymore [As of September 1, 2023].

Therefore, we no longer use the plugin and instead take the reverse approach, i.e., integrating WordPress into TNG. In the settings of the TNG website, the standard pages header.php, footer.php, and meta.php are managed. Custom PHP pages can also be specified in these settings. WordPress headers (page head) and footers (page footer) can be embedded in these custom PHP pages. If you want to hide the TNG main menu, another system file needs to be modified.

Consider the following in this process:

  1. Some plugins for WordPress manipulate the WordPress header, which can cause error messages in the TNG display.
    Currently known are MailPoet, WP Super Cache.
  2. To display data to visitors, login to TNG must be disabled. For those who do not want this, one can operate one TNG for editing and one for public view. This is legally covered since both TNG sites access the same database.
    Implementation requires a deeper understanding of TNG configuration, so it should be done by a professional.
  3. The modified layout is also applied when working with TNG. Loading the WordPress header and footer can therefore slow down the speed of working with TNG.

Upon request, our customers can obtain such customized files from us. If you are interested in the solution with two instances of TNG, submit a project request.