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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What makes TNG Site Hosting unique?

    We specialize in hosting TNG and provide not only the usual technical support but also assistance with TNG itself.

    The owner of TNG Site Hosting is a genealogist and TNG user, ensuring knowledgeable answers to genealogy-related questions.

    We are passionate about genealogy! 

  • What hosting plans are available?
    • Silver: We answer technical questions related to hosting.
      Ideal for users already familiar with TNG who only need hosting support.
    • Gold: We answer technical questions about hosting and provide support for TNG usage.
      Suitable for users new to TNG with questions about both technology and TNG.
    • Platinum: We handle all questions and manage website operations (comprehensive package).
      A good choice for those without hosting experience who want an all-in-one solution.
      It includes the Gold Plan and a TNG Support Contract. Details of the support contract can be found here: 
  • Can I switch hosting plans?

    Yes, you can switch between plans as your site grows.

    If none of the plans fit, you can get a customized package tailored to your needs. 

  • Can I host TNG without my own domain?

    Yes, if you operate a non-public site, you will receive a subdomain from us, for example, or
    The access to the control panel is limited. 

  • Can I host other web applications?

    Yes, a vast selection of apps is available via Softaculous (Content Management Systems and specialized software). 

    Apps can be installed with one click.

    There is also a toolkit for WordPress that facilitates administration.

    You can host all apps with us that require PHP, Python, Ruby, Perl, as well as MariaDB or PostgreSQL.

    TNG Site Hosting is not different from other hosts in this regard.  

  • Is it possible to park a site?

    Yes, for a small fee, you can park hosting. You pay for the domain and data retention. 

    Parked accounts can be reactivated without loss if the project is to be continued.

    Parking is possible for a minimum duration of one year. 

  • What data backup options are available?

    TNG Site Hosting carries out daily backups of files, databases and configuration data of the hosting account. These can be viewed and downloaded in the Control Panel (cPanel) under File >>Backup.
    In the event of a disaster, TNG can be restored from this backup.
    If the aim is to keep a copy of your own data locally in case TNG Site Hosting fails (which has never happened). 

    TNG itself can also create data backups. The data can be copied to the backup folder of the TNG installation via the Utilities >> Back up, Restore & Optimize Table Data menu.
    The use case for this backup is a temporary storage of the current data stock and the possibility of a simple restore. You can therefore use this type of backup if you change large amounts of data, e.g. when using SQL scripts.
    The original database can be restored using the same form.
    To download the data to your local PC, you must use the cPanel file manager or an FTP client. 

    The export of GEDCOM data must be distinguished from the technical data backup.
    GEDCOM data is used for data exchange with other users.

    The export can be started via the menu Import / Export >> GEDCOM Export.
    In the current versions, media collections can also be output and downloaded as a ZIP file.

    This does not replace the technical backup of the data, as GEDCOM cannot contain all the information from TNG. For example, GEDCOM does not support branches.  

  • What if I need more resources?

    If you need more than 2 GB of storage space, for example, please send us a project request for a customized quote. 

    If our hosting plans do not match your requirements at all, we can put together a customized offer for you.

  • Is an SSL certificate included?

    Yes, an free SSL certificate is included at no extra cost. 

    It automatically renews, ensuring encrypted and secure communication with your website. 


  • How can I transfer my domain to TNG Site Hosting?

    You can keep the domain with the existing host or registrar, set up a redirection, or adjust DNS settings. 

    However, transferring the domain to us is simpler. 

    We can handle the settings for you. To transfer, request the transfer authorization code, also known as an EPP code or Auth code from the current registrar. With it, we can move and set up the domain.

    Your advantage: you get all services from one provider! 

  • Which domain?

    Genealogists, embarking on the creation of their website, should give careful consideration to selecting a domain that effectively represents their work and appeals to their target audience. The choice of a domain is not only a web address; it's a key aspect of branding and online presence. Here are some tips for genealogists when choosing a domain for their website:

    1. Relevance and Clarity:
      The domain should clearly reflect the nature of genealogical research.
      Users should be able to identify immediately that the website is a valuable resource for genealogy information.
    2. Simplicity and Memorability:
      Aim for a domain that is easy to remember and type.
      Avoid complex spellings, special characters, or lengthy terms that might confuse users.
    3. Incorporate Surnames or Themes:
      If feasible, consider including a surname or another relevant term in the domain.
      This not only enhances the website's identity but also aids search engine visibility.
    4. Avoid Abbreviations:
      Unless using widely recognized and understood abbreviations, it's generally advisable to steer clear of them.
      Clear, spelled-out terms are often more user-friendly.
    5. Check Domain Availability:
      Verify that your desired domain is available for registration.
      It's also helpful to explore alternative domain names if your first choice is already taken.
    6. Avoid Trademark Violations:
      Be cautious about using names that might infringe on trademarks of well-known companies or organizations. This could lead to legal complications.
    7. Consider Regional Focus:
      If your genealogical research is specific to a particular region or country, consider incorporating this into the domain.
      For instance, "" for German ancestry research.
    8. Long-Term Considerations:
      Think about the longevity of your chosen domain.
      Opt for a name that not only suits your current focus but will also remain relevant in the future.

    For instance, a genealogist might choose a domain like "" or "" Ultimately, the selected domain should effectively encapsulate the personality, focus, and goals of the genealogical research, contributing to a strong online presence and brand identity. 

  • Which top level domain?

    When genealogists are selecting a Top-Level Domain (TLD) for their website, it's crucial to choose an option that aligns with their goals, audience, and the nature of their genealogical research. The TLD is the last part of a domain name (e.g., .com, .org, .net), and it can have implications for the perception and functionality of the website. Here are some considerations for genealogists when choosing a TLD:

    1. .com for Versatility:
      The .com TLD is widely recognized and often associated with commercial entities.
      Choosing a .com domain can convey a professional image and is versatile, suitable for both personal and professional genealogy websites.
    2. .org for Organizations:
      The .org TLD is traditionally associated with non-profit organizations.
      If your genealogy website serves educational or non-commercial purposes, .org can be a suitable choice, indicating a commitment to providing valuable information.
    3. .net for Networks:
      The .net TLD is commonly used for networks and can be suitable if your genealogy website is part of a broader network of researchers or if collaboration is a central theme.
    4. Country-Specific TLDs:
      Consider using a country code TLD (ccTLD) if your genealogical research is focused on a specific country.
      For example, .us for the United States, .ca for the Canada, etc.
      This can help emphasize the regional focus of your work.
    5. New TLDs for Creativity:
      With the introduction of numerous new TLDs (e.g., .family, .ancestry, .heritage), genealogists have the opportunity to choose a domain that is specific and creative.
      These newer TLDs can help your website stand out and convey the nature of your work more precisely.
    6. Avoid Uncommon or Obscure TLDs:
      While unique TLDs might be intriguing, it's essential to ensure that they are easily recognizable and memorable.
      Uncommon TLDs may confuse visitors and affect the credibility of the website.

    Ultimately, the choice of TLD should align with your genealogical brand, purpose, and the image you wish to convey. It's advisable to strike a balance between professionalism, creativity, and relevance to create a memorable and effective online presence for your genealogy website. 


  • Are mailboxes protected from spam?

    Yes, you can set up rules to detect and reject spam emails.

    The Mail BoxTraper allows you to create a whitelist, providing a defense against spam.

    If a spam email is not recognized, the integrated virus scanner ensures it does no harm. 

    Protect yourself by not following unknown links and not opening attachments from unknown senders. 

  • Can my email accounts be migrated?

    Yes, email accounts can also be moved. You can use the free MailStore program or trust us with your mail access, and we will migrate the mailboxes for you. 

  • Why do I receive emails from TNG with HTML tags?

    TNG uses PHP to send emails. Some mail clients may not recognize HTML formatting, displaying HTML tags as text.
    To resolve this, switch TNG email sending to SMTP and specify your mail server. 


  • What services are included in the support and maintenance contract?

    If you want to concentrate on your research and don't want to deal with the technology, then simply leave the work to us.

    We will take care of the following for you

    • Regular updates of TNG to the current version
      (the upgrade license must be purchased separately)
    • Regular update of a free SSL certificate
    • We support you in the selection and personalization of the page design (templates).
      This includes adapting the layout, editing and integrating images, as well as external PHP or HTML elements.
    • We support you in the selection of modifications that are required for your needs.
    • We support you with the integration of Wordpress into your TNG.
      This is done using the on-board tools of TNG and Wordpress, without the use of a plugin.
    • Provision of GEDCOM files for archiving by the customer
    • Administration of the hosting account (databases, mail, FTP, domains, SSL) on behalf of the customer
    • Provision of cronjobs, e.g. for compliance and data protection law
    • Domain transfer service
    • Term: 1 year
    • Cancellation period: 30 days to the end of the term

    Note: we recommend concluding a maintenance contract, especially when starting with TNG.


  • How does the migration of my existing TNG site work?

    We install the current version of TNG for you. 

    If you made customizations or use modifications (Mods), you can set up an FTP account for us to migrate your TNG and media files. 

    Your data can be migrated as a database or as TNG backup files. 

  • How do automatic TNG updates work?

    Under the Platinum contract, we install updates for you. If template adjustments and updates to modifications are needed, we handle those as well. 

    Upgrades (major version changes) require a TNG Upgrade License from the manufacturer, and the installation of upgrades is included in the support contract. 

  • Can services be obtained without a Platinum contract?

    Yes, you can get services on a time and materials basis.

    The invoice can be paid via PayPal. 

  • Can TNG support be provided for external TNG sites?

    Yes, we primarily support TNG sites hosted on our servers. 

    External support is possible in exceptional cases. 

  • Do you provide support for other apps?

    Yes, we can also provide support for WordPress. 

    For all other apps, please consult the respective manufacturer. 

  • How can I pay for hosting?

    You can pay with PayPal or credit card in the shop and receive a PDF invoice from us. 

    Custom solutions not available in the shop can be paid via PayPal invoice. 

  • Does TNG Site Hosting offer options for my digital legacy?

    Yes, we can do the following for you: you can purchase hosting for multiple years in advance, and we ensure your site remains online.

    Alternatively, you can specify who should receive your data post mortem. 


  • What are the first steps?

    For customers, we offer a Quick Start Guide to help you get started with TNG. You can request this via our contact form .

  • Can I have both public and private views of my data?

    Yes, a TNG license allows access to one database. 

    You can install a second TNG instance configured differently but accessing the same database. 

    This allows you to control access to data, media, and deviations. 

  • Can I ensure private data is not published?

    Yes, TNG offers options for the LIVING and PRIVATE scenarios. 

    To ensure the options are set correctly, we can provide a script that regularly checks, based on life dates, whether data needs protection and automatically sets these options.

    This feature is particularly relevant for research communities where GEDCOM data can be uploaded and imported by members. 

  • Are TNG modifications supported?

    Yes, you can use as many modifications (“Mods”) as you like. Using Mods enhances the functionality of TNG, but use them wisely.
    Ensure the Mod is compatible with your TNG version and is actively maintained to address security issues.
    We support you in finding and installing the best mods for your site. Support for the mods themselves is provided by the respective developer.

    Here are some Mods we like:

    • Public Access Control
    • OpenStreetMap

    Recommended for data editing in TNG:

    • Family Edit Links
    • Living Color Mod
    • Direct Edit Menu
    • Family Indicators 
  • Can I create a family book with TNG?

    No, TNG is designed for presenting data on the internet. 

    Other genealogical programs are needed to print a book, and data is provided through the GEDCOM export. 

  • Can I print a pedigree chart with TNG?

    No, TNG is designed for presenting data on the internet. 

    Other genealogical programs are needed to print a pedigree chart, and data is provided through the GEDCOM export.